Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

Green eyes are certainly a beautiful asset, one that you would be proud of and one that can get you a lot of appreciation provided you know how to further beatify your green eyes with the right eye makeup. Read on and find out how eye makeup can be used to glorify your green eyes and give them a magical touch.Eye shadow:
The most important part of eye makeup for green eyes is choosing the right eye shadow shade. Green is believed to have a cool touch, so complement your green eyes by using some warmer eye shadow shades like plum, gold, bronze, copper, brown, peach, mauve and purple. When you chose such warm eye shadow shades for you green eyes, you will instantly be able to see and sparkle in your eyes. Even eye shadow application is quite enough, if you don’t plan to use any other eye makeup, to make your green eyes to look attractive and impressive.

Cooler eye shadow shades like blue, white or silver are best kept out of the cosmetic kit, if you have green eyes, as these colors will make you look dull and pale.

Eyeliner helps in adding a strong definition to ones eye shape. For green eyes black eye liner never seems to be the right choice since black looks too harsh against the softness of the greens. Your best bet is to go in for browns and bronze shades, and if you want to look extra scintillating on some special occasion go in for a gold eye liner.

Here again you’ll do good to desert the black or the blue ones, and pick up milder browns. Green mascara looks awesome with green eyes but keep it for the special days and not for all the regular occasions.

Coordinate the rest of the makeup
For a complete look you must coordinate the rest of your makeup like blush and lip makeup with your green eye makeup. In terms of blush you need to pick on shades of brown, peach and rose to complement your eye makeup. And for your lips, deck them up in shades like plum, burgundy, rose or mauve so that it enhances your green eye makeup.

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Sidharth Thakur