Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Blue are beautiful naturally, and most women with blue eyes feel that don’t need any makeup for their blue eyes. However, by learning a few basic things about makeup for blue eyes, you can create a startling and magical charisma for special occasions. So here are the little bits you need to know about enhancing the beauty of your blue eyes with eye makeup.

The colors

There are some really fascinating choices you can make, in terms of colors to be used to dress up your blue eyes. Pink, gold, violet and silver are indeed the top color choices for blue eyes, but you can always go on and experiment with some other equally wonderful shades like gray, taupe, purple and lavender. Most women avoid using blue eye makeup for their blue eyes thinking it will become too much of blue, but we’ll assure you it’s an awesome choice to make the men go speechless. Blue eye makeup will highlight your natural eye color in such a lovely manner that they will stand out. If you’re still not sure about using blue eye makeup, we’ll say give it a try and see for yourself how scintillating the outcome is.

There is another shade that complements blue eyes wonderfully, and that is mint green. If that seems a bit too bright, then you can put your hands onto turquoise. This hint of green on the naturally blue eyes makes for a striking look for a sizzling evening party.

Applying the makeup

Whichever eyeshadow shade you plan to use take two shades of it one a little lighter and the other a little darker. Alternatively, you can use complementary colors, some of the best color combinations for blue eyes are
•    silver and lavender,
•    pink and violet,
•    taupe and gold,
•    mild grey with electric blue,
•    silver with a bright blue.

First coat your eyelid, right from the eyelashes up to the eyebrows, with the lighter shade. Then use the darker shade only on the area between the eyelash and the crease of the eye, covering the crease only slightly.  Next pick up the eyeliner, preferably a charcoal, blue or dark grey one, to line the eyes. And finally use mascara, either black or blue to complete your makeup for blue eyes.

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Sidharth Thakur