Makeup Tips for Black Women

No matter what color your skin is, what brings out the true beauty is to know how to blend the right colors and to get the right contrasts.

It doesn’t really matter whether the skin color is dark or light, all shades have their own complimentary colors that bring out the best of the base color, that is your complexion.But if you are still lost as to how to get the right colors and the right blends, here are some tips to help you with it.

Now, let’s start with the basic foundation. It’s a known fact that the foundation must always be the color of your skin. The basic job of a foundation is to create a smooth platform for the rest of your makeup and also cover up your flaws. But if your skin is in a good condition as it is, you can skip on this one.

As for the rest of your makeup, always choose the color palette close to your skin color. If your skin happens to be brownish, go for brown shades or darker shades that compliment the color. This also depends on what your undertone is, that is, cool, warm or neutral. Also, since your skin is dark, you can go ahead and use bold colors even during the day. But make sure you keep it low! Avoid light colors like icy blue, light green etc, unless you are going for a less casual look.

For women with lighter complexion, try colors that are yellowish brown like caramel, honey etc. If you have warm undertone, you are perfect for bronze and mauve shades.

As for the eye makeup, you can go for colors like burgundy, copper and beige and any shade of dark brown. Bold colors like purple, violet, dark blue and dark green is really in right now but remember to use prominent colors like these carefully so as to not make them stand out more than necessary.

Since African American women have fuller lips, you can use this to your advantage by accentuating it with a good lip gloss. Remember not to go for very dark lip liners that don’t match with the color of the lipstick.

To make your lips look bigger, apply the lip liner outside your lip line. And if you want them to look smaller, apply them inside and fill the rest with lipstick.

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