Makeup That Doesn’t Work

Makeup is intended to make you look good, but when you overdo it, the result will be quite the opposite. So here we have some make-up mistakes that you must avoid. Blush is basically to highlight your cheeks and give them a more innate, flushed and an appealing glow. But when you go overboard it will seem all too artificial and ruin the complete look.

Go in for a shade like a light pink or a peach to get that soft and fresh shimmer of youth, no matter what your age is. And as for applying blush, tap a bit onto your apple cheeks and smooth it out with a brush. Remember blush is only meant for the apple cheeks and not to be spread all over your face.

If we were still living in the sixties, you could get away with almost any dreaded eye shadow shade, but sorry its twenty first century and the trend has changed. The shade of the eye shadow is supposed to blend with your overall make-up and not stand out. Blend the shade of your eye shadow with your dress, your lip make-up and your overall facial makeup. Don’t opt for any shades of blue in your eye make-up, since it tends to make your under eye circles more obvious.

Have you ever been asked by people, that you look tired or are you feeling okay, when you actually aren’t tired. Well it could be because you’ve chosen the wrong makeup color which makes your face skin look tired, for instance wearing makeup with undertones of gray. And believe me gray in any form is never refreshing. To test any cosmetic, apply a little bit of it on to a sheet of white paper and look closely, if you see any undertones of gray it definitely needs to be out of your make-up kit.

When I look at ladies trying to make their lips look fuller, by drawing a lip line way outside the natural lip line, it only reminds me of the joker in the circus with thick protruding lips. As a substitute, opt for a lip gloss or lip shine on top of your lipstick, when you wish to highlight your lips or make them look fuller.

There are lots of ways out there to get the best look on with the minimum use of make-up, so learn about those and avoid the common make-up mistake of overdoing.

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Sidharth Thakur