Makeup For The Friday Night

eyemakeupoffice You’ve worked hard all through the weak, and finally its Friday night and you’re ready to rock the party. You are itching to wear the outfit that you have put together. Your accessories are prepped up and even your shoes are ready.

You look into the mirror, and there comes the major glitch, because your makeup doesn’t seem up to the mark. Every woman knows how to do everyday makeup, but for the rocking Friday night the regular makeup doesn’t work. You need to dazzle, but before you begin painting your face here’s something that you need to consider.

Let the theme for the night decide what kind of makeup you should be wearing; quite obviously you must have kept that in mind when deciding on your clothes and accessories, so even your makeup needs to fall in line.

Besides makeup, you need to have the attitude to carry that makeup. Doesn’t matter whether you want to look like a rock star, sweet and flirty babe or an elegant high society dame, what’s more important is that you need to be very comfortable with the makeup that you plan to wear.

Friday night makeup is not just for highlighting your natural beauty, but also to highlight your clothes and your attitude. For instance when you’re dressed up perky in your leather jeans and a tank top, subdued makeup will just ruin the look. You need makeup which is bold and bright, with a lot of glitter and shimmer. Go for a little heavy eye makeup and deeper shades of lipstick. Now that’s the kind of makeup that will blend with your attitude as well as your clothing.

Friday night makeup: do’s and don’ts

•    If you are going to use a concealer, use one with green undertones, because it reflects light wonderfully and the photographs will come out much nicer.

•    For the foundation, apply it with smooth strokes and finally dab some face powder to avoid sweating on the face.

•    Your eye and lip makeup should complement each other, but remember to highlight only one of these features and not both.

Sidharth Thakur