Makeup For Blue Eyes

Some people are blessed with gorgeous blue eyes. By applying makeup you can make your beautiful eyes even more attractive.

The makeup you choose should accentuate your best features and should not over shadow them.

Eye makeup can change the entire look of a person. Here are some makeup tips which you can try out to further enhance the beauty of your blue eyes.

Start off your eye makeup with the application of a primer on your eyelids. This will act as a base coat for further makeup and will also make your makeup to last for longer periods of time.

Apply an eye shadow which will make your blue eyes stand out. Do not wear an eye shadow which will exactly match your eye color. You should use an eye shadow which is a shade or two darker than your natural eye color. Dark tones of violet and rose will exactly serve this purpose.

The eyeliner you choose should complement your eye color and skin tone. If you have blue eyes, then you can use eyeliner which is brown or dark gray in color. Charcoal colored eye liners also go along pretty well with this kind of eye color.

Eyeliners in black color are not usually recommended for women with blue eyes. If you really want to use a black colored eyeliner, then draw a very thin line along your upper eyelids. Leave your lower eyelids untouched.

Do not go thick on the black eyeliner as it will stand out and overshadow your pretty blue eyes.If you want a soft look for your eyes, then you can use eye pencils in smoky gray or light brown color and then slightly smudge the line.

While applying mascara use a natural shade which is black or dark brown.These colors will open up your eyes without subduing your natural eye color.If you have blue eyes, then stay away from using blue colored mascara, as the overdose of blue color can be quite an unattractive sight.

The trick to make your blue eyes the center of attraction lies in concentrating on your eye makeup and keeping the rest of the face makeup to a minimum. You can underplay the rest of your facial makeup by using neutral tones of blush and lip colors.

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