Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

If you have an acne prone skin, then you would have definitely faced troubles while applying makeup.

Applying makeup on acne prone skin has to be done with utmost care.The makeup you choose should conceal your acne and at the same time should not cause any skin irritations.

Here are some tips which will allow you to apply makeup on acne prone skin without causing a breakout of acne.

While choosing cosmetics do see to it that they are skin friendly and do not lead to the clogging of your skin pores.It is recommended that you use water based make up products and do not use oil based ones.Products which contain petroleum jelly are also found to be suitable for acne prone skin.

Before applying makeup, cleanse tone and moisturize your skin.Wash your skin with warm water and then use a mild non comedogenic cleanser to clean your face.You can then wash off the cleanser with cold water and pat dry your face with a towel.

Using a cotton ball,apply an alcohol free toner  to clarify your skin.Use a water based moisturizer on your skin to hydrate it and to maintain the natural oil balance in the skin.

The next step will be the application of foundation.Use a clean makeup sponge to apply an oil free foundation on your face.Apply the foundation in light circular motions and evenly blend it through the face.Do not apply too much foundation on the acne as it will cause their irritation.

You can then apply a blush on your cheeks by using a clean makeup brush.If you have a heavy breakout of acne on your cheeks,it will be wise to skip this step as the blush can make your pimples look even more evident.

Follow up this by applying acne medicated concealer.The concealer should be applied very lightly on the acne.Do not press the acne too hard with the concealer as it can lead to a breakout of acne.Set your makeup by applying  pressed powder.

Instead of the regular makeup products,you can also use mineral makeup as it is found to be suitable for acne prone skin.Clean your makeup brushes every time after you have applied your makeup so as to avoid bacteria building up in them.

Also be sure to remove all your makeup completely by using a mild cleansing lotion at the end of the day.