Makeover Tips – Eye Makeup

Like they say, eyes are the gateway to your mind and soul. Eyes speak a million words. A beautiful expressive pair of eyes can make you look more gorgeous than you can ever imagine.

They need that special attention to bring them to limelight and make them your most attractive feature. If you already have them beautiful, its a given that you must take special care on your eye makeup. But if you don’t, we have some simple makeover tips to make them beautiful!

One of the most important aspect about eye makeup is to make the surroundings look beautiful. So that means you have to try and fix the dark circles. This can be easily done with foundation and concealers. Another option is to use eye lighteners that can easily conceal the darkness around your eyes.

The color of the eyeshadow you use can also bring out the best of your eyes. You need to choose the color carefully and see which color compliments your eye color. Also make sure that you keep the light colored ones for work and the dark and smokey ones for night, especially the evening parties etc.

Choosing the color also depends on what kind of look you are aiming for. If you are looking for a subtle look, go for a color that blends with your eye and skin color. Otherwise, try something that makes your eye color stand out.

The rule goes the same with eye liner too. Don’t go for a color that clashes with the color of the eye lashes and eye brow. For a mellow look, try the usual colors like black or brown. Also make sure that the color you choose as your liner goes well with the eye shadow you choose. You can’t have your eye liner stand out too much.

Always remember to apply  a base coat of powder before applying eyeliner or shadow. This helps to hold up the rest of the makeup.

If you happen to have thin eyelashes, try going for a mascara that increases its volume, or at least gives an image of a voluminous pair of eyelashes. To make them look longer, there are certain kind of mascara available in market that makes them look longer. You can go for those and give it a try.

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