Make Your Sex Sessions More Satisfying

sexaddicted0 Most couples face a lot of problems in terms of sexual satisfaction, so we thought about putting up a few pointers here on how you can have a more satisfying sexual experience with your partner.

Bridge the gaps

If you want ultimate sexual satisfaction you need to bridge the gap that exists between your partner and you. Most often the couples do not talk about their desires, their fantasies and what really excites them or what putts them off.

These are things which you need to bring out in the open and discuss with each other. Only when the both of you know what the other one expects, will you be able to satisfy your partner. You both need to understand each others triggers, and only then can you give each other the kind of orgasm that will leave the both of you satisfied.

Get friendly with each others bodies

Most couples like to make love with lights switched off and their bodies hidden beneath layers of sheets and blankets, and so they never get a good chance to see, admire and understand about theirs partners body.

Sex is more of a physical act and unless the two of you get friendly with each others body, how can you think about arousing and satisfying your partner. For a change keep the lights on and throw away the sheets, let him see your body and get the visual delight, while you too get to savor the sight of his naked body.

Introduce him to your genitals and help him to learn where you love to be touched and how hard or how softly. And while he explores your body, you explore his, to see where he loves to be touched and felt.

And lastly, when you’re in the act, just ignore the clock. Forget about all the other worries and enjoy the blissful experience.

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