Make Your Own Organic Toys For Baby


6a0 When you want to do something special for your baby, think about sewing soft toys for him/her at home, and to add a little bit more zest to it let the materials be completely organic. This way you get a chance to exhibit your gusto, and your child gets to enjoy something more natural and organic to play with.

Your child’s safety

The kind of mishaps that kids have experienced, with market bought toys, made with toxic materials, has spiked some concern in most parents. And with homemade toys, where you’re sure that the materials used are completely organic and nontoxic, the parents are much at ease.

While making your own organic soft toys ensures a guarantee about the quality of material used, this little gesture of yours will help in bringing you and your kid closer to each other. And obviously, the whole affair brings in some good savings as well.

How to go about it?

If the idea of making your own organic soft toys for your baby sounds brilliant, then the next thing, that’s going to make you scratch your head, is how to get started and go about it. You have two options to get some toy patterns and tutorials about how to make your own toys, one you could walk over to a bookstore and secondly you can get onto the internet which has loads of free information on the topic.

The latest trend, where strange unusual shapes are more appealing, makes your job even easier as you don’t have to worry, as to where you might screw up. You can go wild with your imagination and also you needn’t bother about specific detailing. It is as simple as – the weird, the better.

The last bit

Needless to say, to ensure your child safety you mustn’t compromise with the quality of the material to be used. There is a wide range of organic fabrics to choose from, and for the stuffing stick to using organic cotton only.

Sidharth Thakur