Make your Flat Hair Voluminous

Do you have flat hair and you want it to be voluminous? Here are the tips on how to: There are some natural products, which when used to treat the hair right will help it become voluminous.

The first one to be considered is Liquid Lecithin. This is a natural supplement that has been derived from soy and is usually available at whole food stores and also at vitamin outlets. Either you can have it internally and help it enhance the volume of your hair or you can apply it externally.

However, this is one of those natural products that should not be applied on the hair in the same quantity as oil. You just need to apply a little on your finger tips and then run it thoroughly through your hair.

After that you just need to brush your hair for a while and this will help spread it into the hair on its own accord and very easily. This will result in puffed voluminous flowing hair instead of your usual flat hair.

The second option is the color treatment and the natural conditioner that has been used for centuries. Henna is one of the natural solutions to flat hair. However, this can be used if you are ready to have color in the hair as well. A henna treatment will get your hair set in the right color and will also add volume to the hair while retaining it.

A teaspoon of virgin coconut oil is a healthy option to massage your hair with. If you add lecithin to it as well, the result will be fabulous.

Another way to add volume to your hair is to allow it to dry naturally. The use of hair dryer tends to damage the hair more. After you have dried your hair naturally, detangle your hair with your fingers rather than a comb or a brush.

This will help your hair get the right lift, which is difficult to obtain with a comb or a brush which helps generate static electricity while moving through the hair and hence along with the friction the hair tends to get damaged more.