Make Your Ex-boyfriend Want You Back

How To Make Your Ex-boyfriend Want You Back

How To Make Your Ex-boyfriend Want You Back A breakup can be a very disheartening experience and not everyone can take it well. However, if you still feel that you had a very deep and meaningful relationship with your ex-boyfriend then you can try winning your ex-boyfriend back.

But before you make any sort of attempts to win him back, think through the entire process. Breakup can be very difficult for most people, but it is very important to move on with it if it is just a pointless relationship. Most people find it very difficult to end a relationship and remain hopeful that their relationship will bloom again. Sometimes things do work out and it certainly is good to remain hopeful. But you should know when you should stop hoping and move on.

If you still strongly believe that you had a connection with your ex-boyfriend and you should get back with him, then you should definitely give your relationship another try. There are certain things that you can try that will surely make your ex-boyfriend want you back.

But do not set up your hopes too high. Just play your part and wait for things to come your way. If it is meant to be, then you guys will definitely be together. However if things do not work out, the do move on with your life and explore what life has in store for you. Here are few tips that might help make your ex-boyfriend want you back.

Get A Make Over

Get a new haircut and a new look and change your whole wardrobe. Do make efforts to look good by wearing what suits you and by carrying yourself well. If you have been wanting to lose those extra pounds then, this is the most perfect time. Post breakup phase is the time when girls lose their sanity and start depression eating.

That is certainly not gonna help you in anyway and might only worsen your situation. You should do just the opposite of this and start eating healthy to get back in shape. Also do the necessary to get a flawless skin by taking regular care of your skin.

Once you achieve your target and you feel confident about your looks, you will feel great and confident about yourself as well. Feeling good about yourself is very important to win your ex-boyfriend back. Bring out the best in you and put up a confidant front to win your ex-boyfriend back.

Be Yourself

Do not go out of your way and change yourself as that might make your ex-boyfriend feel that you are doing this for him. Come what may keep your intentions under wraps and accomplish your mission secretly. Because if your boyfriend gets to know this is what you been trying to do, then you will end up making a complete fool of yourself.

Most girls try to act too cool and end up looking dumb in front of their ex-boyfriends. It is very important to get smart, but do not try to get over-smart and keep your actions balanced and controlled. So be natural and yourself to make your ex-boyfriend want you back.

Stay Happy

It is very important that you remain happy even after your breakup. Staying sad and in a state of depression for a long time is gonna lower your confidence and self-esteem. Have a positive approach towards life and remain optimistic. A positive approach towards things makes it easier to deal with various situations.

Do all the things you love during this phase. Go out with your friends and spend lot of time with your family as well. Go for movies, parties and for shopping with your girlfriends. Also do not stop yourself from meeting new people. When your ex-boyfriend will see that you are having the time of your life, he will surely feel bad about it.

Guys secretly want girls to miss them after their breakup. This makes them feel important and when they do not see that happening, they do get disappointed. This makes them want you back and they might come back to you in no time. So ensure that you stay happy and joyful at all times.

Remain Friends But Maintain Distance

It might be the most difficult thing you have to do, but do stay friends with your ex-boyfriend. Be nice to him and avoid doing all those things that are likely to irritate him. Try not to make sarcastic remarks and certain statements in order to make him feel guilty. This will blow him away and he will be glad to have broken up with you.

Also make him feel that you have moved on and let him know that you are over the breakup. This will make him realize what he has been missing and he will come back to you. However, set limits and do not let him take advantage of you. Maintaining a certain distance is very important to make him want you. Do run into him occasionally but do not entertain his calls and mails all the time. However, do remain updated about what is happening in his life, so that you know if he is been missing you or not.

Ignore Him

After you follow all the above mentioned tips, you ex-boyfriend might try and talk to you or ask you out. This is when you can conclude that your boyfriend does want things to be taken ahead. This is the time when you have to act with patience a sane state of mind. Do not give into his demands too fast. Ignore him for a while by not attending his calls and by not replying to his mails. Make him wait for you by telling him that you are busy.

This will drive him crazy and he will come crawling back to you and ask you to take him back. However, if this does not happen then you can conclude that your relationship is over and there is not much of scope for things to work again. However, do give these tips a shot to make your ex-boyfriend want you back.

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