Make Your Curls Your Style Statement

Curls are never out of fashion, and if you’re one of those lucky dames who is blessed with natural curly hair then go ahead and flaunt your curly locks. Here’s how you can make your curly hair your prized possession.

No matter what your hair type is, you can never style them up well if they aren’t cut properly. So walk over to your hair stylist and get yourself a nice haircut, blunt cuts don’t go well on curly hair, so go in for some layering hair cut.

If your hair growth is heavy the curls will come out better, however if you find it difficult to manage a thick growth you can get them thinned out a little. And if you want to enjoy somewhat smoother curls, then let the hair length remain a little longer.

When shampooing, use a shampoo which is specifically meant for dry and damaged hair as it has a deeper moisturizing effect on your hair. Follow it up with a strong conditioner to increase the moisture, because moisture is the most important thing to make your hair smooth and frizz free. After a hair wash you can also use hair serum to add some body to your hair and to make the curls fall in place.

Curly hair is highly vulnerable to suffer hair damage making it all the more difficult to control the mess. So think about something like a hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatment will help in controlling hair damage and dryness, while at the same time feeding the hair follicles to keep your hair healthy.

When you want to style them up with styling products like gel or moose, it is advisable to split your hair into three or four different sections and then apply the styling product spreading it evenly across each section using a wide toothed comb. Try avoiding the use of hairbrush and blow dryers when styling your curly hair, as both these increase the frizz.

Sidharth Thakur