Make Up Miracles

makeup1 Most of the times you tend to spend hours in the front of the mirror to get ready with your make up and , lets confess it most of the times you have found out that your make is little less than perfect.

Well nothing can be perfect in this imperfect world however try out these tips to get the make perfect within minimum time.


Lips are the most attractive part of the face and highlighting it should be done with care. Always use lip liner to define the lips and then use the lipstick. To add more volume always use translucent lip gloss on the lips after using lipstick.

Sponze and not brush:

While applying powder on the face always use sponze rather than brush because it makes the power more adherent to the skin.


Before applying mascara always make sure to use a little powder . It makes the mascara stay long and also make the lashes look voluminous. Transparent mascara are always better for  a natural look  and it also softens the eyelashes that are too curved.


Concealer is always preferred by women to hide the blemishes of the skin effectively and quickly. But sometimes the concealer may gather in the fine creases below the eye and may make you look like anything but weird. To avoid this always use little cream to prevent the concealer getting concentrated below the eye.

Final Touch:

Remember never ever over do anything because that may give you an aged appearance. Never apply mascara on the lower lashes. You should also smudge the make up lines that are too exact with cotton balls.

It is also worthy to be remembered that  good makeup is only possible if the skin is healthy. So before going to sleep always remove the make up carefully.

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