Make Up for Outdoors

Going for a pool party? Out in the sun in your swimsuit, do you think you should apply any makeup? The answer is yes and here are the tips on how to:

The first tip for doing any makeup when you are outside in the sun is to never over do it. Do not have a mask of makeup because even the slightest of makeup faults will show clearly.

The makeup to be worn should give you a natural look and it should match and enhance your natural beauty and not look plastic and put on. Ensure that whatever makeup you wear, use a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF or else you might get peeling skin.

Have your summer makeup look in your mind when you are planning to go to a pool party. Hairdo at a pool party is a must. Treat your hair to make them soft and silky. Use a mild shampoo and a conditioner. Use a curling iron to get that great summery look.

Though excessive usage in the summers is not good, yet one can do it for the effects once in a while. When your hair is damp, crunch them with a good mousse. That will give you the right wavy looks. The alternative is to tie your hair in braids and when you open it is when you will have got that wavy look.

When you start the makeup for a pool party, ensure that there is water resistant mascara there in the kit. Use lip balm because that will ensure that your lips do not dry up or get coarse.

You can use a spray on makeup foundation that is waterproof. This will be handy when you have to do a quick touch up on your make up when you are at the party. You can also use waterproof eye shadow.

If you want to give yourself a more attractive look, then you can use a little shimmer. However, ensure that the color of the shimmer that you choose, suits you and you are able to carry it around out in the sun. Be confident with your looks as that always matters the most.