Make-up for Different Occasions

Make-up conceals our flaws and small imperfections and highlights our positive features.

Applying make-up is not at all difficult. All you need is it use it right. Accurate make-up can make a women look attractive and beautiful and give her much more self confidence.

We can use foundation and a concealer for this purpose. One should wear make-up according to the occasions. The three general occasions are: Casual, Formal and Night out look.

Casual Look: This is done when we go out in the morning for shopping or a movie. Creating this look is quick and very easy. For this one has to sport a clean, fresh and well moisturized face. Hide the blemishes on your skin by using a base and then a compact.

Apply mascara, it will open up the eyes. Then use blusher or rouge on the apple of your cheeks and on the tip of your chin. Outline lips with a lip liner and fill it with a coloured lip gloss. Avoid dark colours.

Formal look: This is done for interviews, business meetings and official purpose. This helps in giving your face a fresh look whole day. Moisturize your face before applying make-up.

Then apply base and then compact. Add a complimentary eye shadow. Apply the highlighter under the brow line and finally merge it with the eye shadow. Drag the liner across the line of your lashes. After that apply mascara full and thick. Apply blusher in forward strokes. Give shape to your lips with lip liner and fill colour with the matching lip shade.

Night Look: For night parties and evening outings. This has to be more sensual and dramatic. For this look, eyes need to be more expressive. Eyebrows need to be drawn clearly.

Apply a concealer and then apply a compact to hide blemishes. Apply noticeable colour of eye shadow, and then apply a glittering highlighter under the brow line. Use double stokes of mascara. Line your eyes and smudge them. Use a blusher with shimmer effect.

Important things to keep in mind:

1. Use cleansing milk to remove makeup and follow this regularly even if you have not applied makeup.

2. Avoid lighter shades while choosing makeup

3. Use branded products to avoid skin problems.

4. Consult a dermatologist for sensitive skin.

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