Make Up Chemicals Can Cause Skin Allergy

Make Up Chemicals Can Cause Skin Allergy

Make Up Chemicals Can Cause Skin Allergy Have you ever faced the allergies from makeup? All the women spend most of their time in perfecting the makeup. Have you ever undergone a situation when one gets to experience skin itching, redness and sometimes burning sensation on eyes and mouth? All such experiences sometimes make our skin slightly swollen.

Well, allergy to makeup is a very common problem. If this is your case now know how to deal with this problem that affects many women. There is no specific reason for allergies. Many reasons could be responsible for this problem. Having clear and glowing skin is the dream of every female. But, if that dream turns into a horror face it hurts most.

Do you know why allergies appear?

If you’re a women who has no allergy to anything, chances are that you can use any type of makeup without worry. Unfortunately, people with rhinitis or who are allergic to other things, even the dust, suffer when they do make up. Allergy from make up can be caused by various components of their own, such as iron oxide (also known as aluminum powder), responsible for giving color, preservatives, which, as its name implies, make the products last longer or even the fragrances that some products have.

In this case, if you can identify what is giving you trouble, just stop using that, or replace it with another product without the substance that makes them evil. Unfortunately, apart from the medication there is no other cure for allergies so the best way is to replace the product.

While buying any beauty products one should always see the expiry date of that product. Products if used after the expiry date can harm the skin in various ways like allergy or burn and many more. And more over try not to buy cheap products as the chemicals used in them are of cheaper quality which further makes the skin prone to allergies.

An allergy that comes out of no where

Yes, there are certain products which you have been using for life long and cause discomfort all of the sudden. This is because those components may have allergic cumulative effect. For example, while you are up to date with your immune system, But on a day when you are more sensitive, can give some substance allergy.

If this happens to you, see all the products you use, from  the shampoo to perfume, any cosmetic product from moisturizer to lipstick through which the  makeup is done. Stop using a few to figure out where the irritation is coming from or see your dermatologist.

Makeup that does not harm

Makeup that does not harm

If you know that you are allergic to some makeup, always opt for hypoallergenic products. They do not contain substances that cause dermatitis in sensitive skins. Though they are more expensive, but they are the salvation of allergy. The imported brands like CLINIQUE, VICHY, MAC, LOREAL, BOBBY BROWN and national Dermage Vitaderm are the best known. But it’s worth trying to go to find the ideal product for yourself, such as Natura and Avon, VLCC, Shahnaz who fell in popular taste and you know that it’s the people’s voice.

Products that makes minerals

One year down here, they won the pages of glossy magazines and taste of the connoisseur. That’s because this type of makeup is made with products taken from nature, without strong chemical or artificial colors too .You can notice, that the tones of mineral makeup are much milder. In addition, this type of products has soothing action that does not clog pores and even treats the skin.

According to makeup artist and experts, the effect which is more natural is beautiful. Everyone knows that this is right according to famous makeup artists; the secret of makeup is well-made and does not seem artificial. Worth giving a chance to mineral products, even as it is easy to find, every brand worth its salt has its own line.

Another cosmetic that requires attention

There are so many cosmetics products for which you can not say anything while purchasing as they are as cheap as buying something to eat. But out of them the most common and inexpensive is enamel which often has in its composition formaldehyde, which causes allergies in many people. So, it is better to be careful and read the label, correctly. If any one is sensitive to that substance, the option once again is hypoallergenic.

Secrets of perfect skin

Before starting your makeup, some care is essential to prepare the skin. Always wash, clean and moisturize the face well. Use a saddle soap to remove excess oiliness of the face and then apply a moisturizer according to your skin type, which is suitable for the face. Spread a primer even before the base. This product works as a colorless base which helps tighten pores, remove the gloss of the skin and make your make up last longer.

Never sleep with makeup on the face and should not leave for more time than necessary. The cleaning must be done with soap or makeup remover, which is the most suitable products and also it is tougher to remove the mascara with out this.  When shopping, choose a product that will do well. Today many makes come with SPF factor in the formulation. Staying beautiful inside than outside is always better.

Every female whether young or old wants to maintain their skin so while opting for the products which have to be used on the face or body should be purchased after reading its expiry and label and more over always go for good brands rather than buying cheap products which harm the skin more.

Though allergies can be caused through any thing from eating to any products applied. There is no end to the list so it is better to take precaution. Sometimes one can attempt the process of patch test like before applying any bleaching cream first use the same on elbow and in case skin is sensitive towards any product do not try to use the same.

Meeta Sharma