Make Face Masks At Home

Applying face masks is a wonderful beauty treatment which can guarantee smooth, supple and beautiful skin. While ensuring overall health and beauty of the skin, face masks also helps to tighten up the skin thus preventing wrinkles and aging. The best face masks are the Home-Made ones, because they are completely natural and free of all toxic chemicals.

If you are keen to cleanse, nourish, tighten up and protect your skin using natural Home-Made face masks, here are some excellent recipes that you can try at home.

•    Avocado is known to have deep moisturizing properties, and so it makes for a wonderful face mask to prevent the dryness and irritation during the cold winters. Also women with dry skin can take advantage of this fruit. The recipe is simple just scoop out the flesh, mash it finely and add about 1tbsp. of virgin olive oil, and it’s ready.

•    To return freshness to your tired looking skin cultured milk such as yogurt, buttermilk and sour cream make for the perfect face mask. Milk also helps in restoring pH balance of your skin, apart from its rejuvenating and skin softening properties.  Lightly rub it onto your skin and let it stay there for about fifteen minutes before you wash it off with cold water.

•    To tighten up skin pores and to cure oily skin problems, take some well beaten egg white and spread it over your face. Give it about 30 minutes time and then rinse off with water. This mask also makes for a good choice to protect your skin from the dry winter breeze and frostbites.

•    While most medical professionals recommend you to use oatmeal in your diet to prevent heart diseases, we have a recipe using oatmeal to refresh and heal your winter beaten skin. Use your blender to make a fine paste of raw oatmeal flakes, a teaspoon of honey and one egg yolk. Leave it on your skin for twenty minutes and then wash off with warm water.

•    Banana has a softening effect on your skin, so mix some mashed banana with a little bit of fresh cream and spread it over your face. And when you wash it off after about half an hour, you will be pleased to see your skin smooth, soft and nourished.

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Sidharth Thakur