Make Blackheads a Thing of the Past.

Who does not hate blackheads? Your pretty face can stay marred with these and that is a rather un-pretty thought. On a hygiene level as well, the presence of blackheads indicate not too healthy skin and lack of maintenance.

Real beauty is not about how makeup makes you look nice, it is all about how healthy your skin is and it is only the natural glow that can make you look the best. So, you must start right at the basics and know how to treat your skin right.

Keep your system clean. Yes, that is always the best start. Go gentle on your stomach by eating healthy, getting adequate hours of sleep and do not let your body go all lazy. Exercise!

Say no to oil-based skin products. Get yourself, water-based skin products instead which will not clog your skin pores as the former, that which inevitably results in such eruptions.

Nobody can fault you for using makeup but never leave that on overnight. No matter how late you get back home after a party, do take the pains to remove it totally with a good cleanser.

Nothing like water right? Drink a minimum of 12 glasses every day, to flush out toxins. As mentioned earlier, a clean body can only give you clear skin.

Cleanliness is certainly next to Godliness. Use clean sheets while you sleep, do not wear same clothes without washing, and yes, only clean towels please. Using unwashed anything can affect your skin and make blackheads more rampant.

If you are already suffering from a breakout, do not touch them. If you try to squeeze them to get rid of them, they will only leave marks. This is one mantra that you should remember no matter what. Ugly acne marks are not what you want on your face.

Generally love your body and skin. Do not neglect or start taking care only when you see blackheads. Follow a simple but effective beauty regime that will give you your required results. Maintenance is the watchword. So, the next time you see yourself in the mirror, there will only be healthy glowing skin to look at.

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