Make A Unique Bridal Gown For Your Wedding

Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair (unless you’ve got some other ideas), and undoubtedly as a bride you want to look your best. The standard wedding gowns available at stores have something overly monotonous about them, and probably that’s one reason why, more and more number of women, are willing to get their bridal gowns customized. If you also want to have a unique customized bridal gown here are some ideas to help you through.

Customizing the bridal gown

The skirt of the wedding gown is the usual place where most people place emphasis and try out new things, so leaving that aside we will talk about a few other possible customizations.

Well, the first proposition is to get the existing sleeves removed and replaced with sleeves in a material that’s different from the material of the gown. Also you could consider changing the type of the sleeve into something that’s more pleasing such as ruffled cap, banded puff, dolman, shuttle or some other sleeve style that flatters your arms.

The next place to think of amendments is the back of your wedding gown, and let that be something exotic because, most of the time, as you go on with the ceremonies, the guests will only get a back view of you. You could have the fabric clinched up in many layers, or you could have a raffle running down the center of the back to give your wedding gown a different look.

The next thing you could experiment with is the color of your bridal gown, and instead of the usual white color running all across the dress, you could try mild variations.  For instance you could have your bodice done in one shade and the skirt in a shade that’s one shade darker or lighter.

Embellishments for your Bridal gown

If you’re satisfied with the fall and the fabric of your gown, then think about adorning it with some jewels or embellishments to create a different appeal. You could use fancy emerald, topaz or ruby colored jewels in specific areas such as the neckline, the ends of the sleeves or on the waistband. Crewel, natural pearls and crystals are some other adornments you can make use of on your wedding gown.

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Sidharth Thakur