Make A Mark At A Job Interview

Dressing up for your workplace depends largely on the kind of work that you do, as well as the dress code set up by your employer. And unless you have a uniform that you’re required to wear for your job, you might find yourself in a difficult spot trying to put together a proper professional ensemble so as to stay ahead in the business showground.

When choosing business professional clothing the three aspects that need consideration are practicality, comfort and affordability.

Although most corporate firms may not have any written down dress codes, still you are expected to dress up aptly and remain within the confines of professional dress codes. And in case, your office has a prescribed dress code then it’s even more pertinent to choose the right clothing to wear to work. While assembling together a good professional wardrobe isn’t really that intimidating a task, most women do get stuck when it comes to dressing up for special professional occasions such as a job interview.

When going out for an interview, it’s needless to say that you have to put up the best show. More so, because you have to make an impression within a very short time of say fifteen minutes to half an hour, that’s usually the time they take for one interview, and the interviewers judge you 50 percent based on your personality.

Your dress up for an interview has to be reasonably formal and definitely conservative, so you must leave behind your funky piercing and ripped jeans. And unless you’re going for a VJ audition, where you can afford to look trendy and sexy, stick to well tailored and moderate clothing. So, that means no ostentatious display of your cleavage with deep necklines or showing off your sexy thighs with mini skirts.

Go in for something more pleasing, professional and elegant like a business suit which could be either a jacket and trouser or a jacket and knee length skirt. And let your choice of color be subdued and severe rather than trendy. Footwear is another aspect that needs due consideration, and your best bet is pumps in black because you can never go wrong with this particular shoe.

Sidharth Thakur