Make A Fashion Statement With Skirts

To create a unique and classy look, and to add a little bit more of flexibility to your dress up, get yourself some stylish skirts. Although, wearing a skirt is not as formal or as classy as wearing a dress, but it is certainly a tad better than wearing pants all the time.

When you want to wear a skirt to your office, you need a skirt which is just about knee length and nothing more or nothing less. Also the choice of the color and the fabric has to be on the moderate side. So avoid fabrics with a little sheen such as velvets or refined silks, because they’re more suitable for evening wear only. During the cold winters, you can go in for longer skirts in darker colors and thicker fabric.

For the warmer spring and summer season, stick to wearing skirts in light colors and light fabric. However, for a formal setting, skirts in flowery prints are definitely not the right choice. In case you’re working environment is completely formal, then there is only one shape that seems acceptable and that is straight and narrow. As for fabrics, woolen blends, wrinkle free linen blends and broadcloth give your skirt a nice fall and grace.

If you want to sport a brazen and a retro look during winters, you could team up a woolen skirt with a turtleneck sweater and knee high leather boots. If you’re wearing a checks skirt pair it with a single shade sweater, and if you’re wearing a plain skirt then go in for a striped sweater.

For almost all figure types, a skirt that’s a little flared around the hips allows for comfortable movements while at the same time flattering your figure. If you have hips and thighs on the heavier side, then try a belled skirt to get a well balanced look. And for those with slim figures, pencil skirts will help in bringing out your fine curves. However, if you’re too thin then let your skirt be a little loser than the pencil fit and use a fabric that’s a little heavier to add substance to your overall figure.

Sidharth Thakur