Maintenance of Leather Goods

Leather is a material that speaks of good taste and class. Leather furniture, bags, belts, shoes and other accessories are a lifestyle affair. Leather bags and shoes are adored by both men and women.

If you are a collector and the connoisseur of good leather goods they should be cleaned and maintained properly. The collection can then be kept spic and span and as new as ever.

Leather should be cleaned regularly. The shine of the leather can be maintained if it is cleaned with saddle soap. Leather should never be rinsed as it tends to lose its shine and texture then.

Before you use a cleaning product on leather you have to test it on any other place. In case of ink stains on leather, the cloth should be dipped in alcohol to clean it. The surface can be rubbed with the alcohol-dipped cloth and the stains can be removed.

You can also use the remover for the oily cuticles for removing the stains. You can also use toothpaste to lather up and remove the obstinate stains. With the passing on of time the leather tends to develop spots and stains and you can treat leather with tartar sauce and lemon juice to get the stains out. You can then wipe leather with a damp cloth.

The leather shoes that gather mud and stains have to be cleaned and their shine is to be maintained. You can mix vinegar with water in equal amounts to wash the stains out.

You should always use a damp cloth to clean the spots on the leather. Your shoes would get back the lost shone and the tartar sauce and vinegar mix would help to get the shine back.

Soaking the leather in water brings a world of harm to leather. You should not use too much water to clean leather. A damp cloth can be dipped in water to clean the leather. Avoid drying it directly under the sun as an exposure to the sunlight tends to damage leather.

If you clean spots on bags and shoes and dust leather often to keep it clean, the life of the leather products is increased. Leather should be kept away from the sun. You can use a soft conditioner and also common oils like lanolin oil neat foot oil or olive oil to bring back the shine.

The conditioner has to be tested before it is directly applied to the leather product. Suede is difficult than cleaning leather. A gum eraser has to be used to remove the stains. The suede and the leather shoes should be treated with care. Tough stains on leather, however, need to be treated by the professional.