Maintaining Soft Hands

Whether you are working in a place that takes a lot of manual work or a hard working house wife, with time, yours hands eventually lose the softness it once had when you were a child. But it’s not irreplaceable.

There are several moisturizers that can keep your outer skin from roughening but they don’t really do all the job of softening your hands.

And even if they do soften your hands, maintaining the softness needs a little bit of that extra care. One sure way of completely avoiding further damage is to wear gloves while performing work that needs that extra effort of your hands.

Roughness can also be caused due to soaps that are not very gentle on skin. So, make sure your soap is mild enough or simply switch to baby soaps that are guaranteed to be soft and mild.

Also, every time you wash hands, squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice into your hands and then wash them with regular soap. This helps to bring down the roughness of the skin and maintain the softness of the skin surface.

Removing those stubborn stains from your nails is quite easy as all you need to do is rub them with lime a couple of times a day.

After a long day, one thing you’d want to do is to pamper those tired hands that worked so hard. One of the best methods for this is to dip your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water after adding a few drops of lemon in it. You can also replace water with milk but in this case, don’t mix lemon with milk since lemon easily cracks milk.

Another precautionary method to make sure you maintain the smoothness is to prevent the exposure of your hands to extreme heat or cold. Wear suitable sunscreen for this in summer and gloves or mittens in winter in case the winter in your place is extreme.

There are moisture gloves available that you can wear at night before sleeping as a way to pamper your hands to softness. This also makes sure your hands get all the moisture they need.

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