Magical Hair Styles

stylishhair If you aim for those lovely tresses like the girl of a shampoo commercial, you need to pamper your hair like your own self! Read on for some hair rules to follow, which will result in smooth, shiny and love-to-be-touched hair!

Hair Spa: Hair spa treatment is the best way to get rid of dry, coarse and dull hair. Owing to pollution, hair becomes dull and damaged. Also, exposure to sunlight causes hair to dry up and become dull. Go for hair spa from a professional salon to retain the hair moisture. It also prevents air loss, dandruff and other scalp related problems.

Types Of Spa: There are two basic types of spa- Deep Conditioning Spa and Hydrating Spa. Deep conditioning spa nourishes the hair roots and strengthens the hair follicles. Hydrating Spa helps to retain the vital oils of the hair and hence restores lost shine of the hair.

Homemade Hair Masks: Chemical products can damage the texture of your hair. So, it is advisable to go for home made hair masks for better results. Also, they give a permanent solution to hair problems.

Oilve Oil Mask: Mix olive oil with egg white and beat it into a thick batter. You can also add honey to it, if your hair is dry. Apply this to hair and leave it for an hour. Rinse with water.

Lemon Hair Mask: Mix lemon juice, olive oil and honey and apply on hair. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse.

Hair Rules:

Say No To Smoking: Poor nutrition and undisciplined lifestyle will affect your hair badly. Eat ample amount of vegetables and stay healthy.

Sufficient Sleep: A good sleep is indispensable for the health of your hair.
Avoid Alcohol: Styling products containing alcohol should be avoided. It causes the hair to dry.

Wide Bristled Combs: Use wide bristled combs to avoid hair loss.

Know Your Hair Type: Use shampoos and conditioners according to the need of your hair. For this, you need to know your hair type well.

So, eat healthy and use home made hair masks to cure hair problems the natural way!