Luscious Lips

It has been said that the lips are the most delicate portion of the human body and for us gals it is a whole new sign of beauty. Can you find anybody who never uses a lipstick. They not only make our lips glow but also make them more beautiful.

Don’t you like pleasing compliments from your guy because of the luscious lips. It has the power to change your whole personality. This year Lakme has brought several new shades in the market and in this topic we shall discuss the various lipsticks offered by none other than Lakme. This year as said above it has introduced a new range of lipstick that has the moisturizing benefits of the lip gloss and the perfect shiny color that you always demand from such a famous company.

There are numerous innovative shades introduced by the company like light sea gree, wine metallic red, purple red, copper shine etc. Most of these lipsticks are in fact as I have found out targeted towards the fair skinned ladies and while I was doing the surveys I saw that most of the colors are unsuitable if you have a darker shade of skin color. However there are good news for them too.

A few shade like the Water Pink, Oisin etc can really look very beautiful even for the darker skinned persons. The additional gloss gives a luscious look to the lips and also they are water proof. One of the main benefits of the water proof lipsticks is that they are resistant to water and while having a sip at the bar do not worry about the fading of lipsticks. However the price is a bit on the steeper side. The price ranges are sure to burn a whole in the pocket but who cares if you have the most generous guy around you.

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