Low Fat Filling Food for Weight Conscious People

If you are looking forward to losing weight, then you also will have to control your diet. For a weight loss or a weight maintenance program, one must have a diet that is nutritious, filling but definitely not fattening.

What should you eat in order to prevent weight gain?

Before we switch on to the food items that you should have to fill yourself up with without adding to the extra fat, here are some tips on preventing weight gain even with normal meals. The thumb rule for someone who is dieting; do not eat in between meals.

If you are hungry, then do not go for the easily available and alluring fast food. Opt for healthy snacks that are tasty and nutritious. For example, have a small bowl of popcorn, without salt or honey.

You can also have a plate of guacamole or a cup of red berries. Then, there are other food items that will make the best meal for someone who is weight conscious which are filling, easily available and non –fattening.

Contrary to the popular belief, potatoes do not make you fat. It is what you have along with them that do. If you are feeling hungry, then just boil a potato and have it with covering and all.

You can mash it and have some salt along with it or you can have it with fat free cheese. This is filling and is an easily available option for you to fill yourself up at meals or in between. However, do not fry it.

Then there are some citrus fruits that will not only provide you with the right nutrition, but also will provide the right kind of dietary fiber and will also fill the stomach. You can opt for fruits from amongst apples, orange, grapes and cherries. Have them fresh after washing them thoroughly.

Green vegetables are the best dieting and healthy food. The list is large and hence your options are many. Choose between beans, lentils, squash leaves, mushrooms, spinach etc. You can also try a combination amongst them. Boiled or roasted poultry without bones or skin is another popular option.