Looking Thin – Easy Play with Fabrics & Colors

Looking lean and thin is one constant in fashion – and young or old all want to have a figure to die for.

However, how many of us are having the time, energy and the spirits to hit out the gyms and eat like a beggar? Not many, I guess. That’s where the experiments with fabrics, shades, colors, lines and prints come into play.

The first and foremost step in looking thin with fabrics is to wear the right size: whatever the fabric, or the color, an ill-fitting dress does nothing more than making you look messy and out-of-style. Shop intelligently – don’t get carried away with the trends and the brands – look for the one that suits you, makes you feel good.

The basic one-color one-tone strategy works for most of us, especially with black and other dark colors. Cast away all the horizontal stripes and the waist size tops and jackets. Make way for verticals stripes as they make you look elongated.

Fitting undergarments make a huge difference to how you look. Long dresses, V-neck lines, pants with front pleats, wrap dresses and wrap blouses, among slim skirts and well-fitted jeans, all work best to make you look great in your silhouette. Avoid wide bottom pants. Pay attention to detail of the dress: hemming, tucks, finishing cuts, and quality.

Being fat doesn’t mean that black and other darker hues are your only choice – judge the colors that flatter your complexion, and use them on the parts that you wish to flaunt.

Team up a pink top with a V-neck with a black pant if you want to highlight the top but conceal the hips. Long fitting dresses and hip hugging jackets and tops look great. Bulky dresses with belts, pleats and pockets accentuate your size; avoid them.

Fabrics like silks, flat knits, gabardines, wool, linen and cottons make one look slim. Shiny and stiff fabrics are best avoided. Clingy fabrics are a complete no-no. Work with accessories in coordination with the dress prints – a great neckpiece to make every eye stop and look at your slender neck.

Draw attention to the best features, work on the posture, and be confident. Always remember, you are beautiful, and you stay that way whether you are fat or thin.Play with the fabrics, colors, dresses and see the difference in how you look.