Look Younger With Non Surgical Facelifts

Look Younger With Non Surgical Facelifts

Look Younger With Non Surgical Facelifts Aging is a natural and continuous process that happens with time and nobody can stop it. Aging wouldn’t have been so much detested if the aging signs and symptoms wouldn’t have got manifested. The first signs of aging are felt on the skin; the largest, most exposed and delicate organ covering our whole body.

The simple signs of aging that gradually begin with thirties often go unnoticed until the signs become quite noticeable hence making us feel bad about ourselves. We begin to feel that our youth is lost and we will never look the same as before. Wrinkles, dark patches, black circles etc are all signs of aging but all isn’t as gloomy as we may think.

There are several means by which we can get back our youthful look and be vibrant as ever. Many of us may feel that to look young for a long period after we start aging the only possible way is to get a facelift which is done surgically. Surgical facelifts are costly and require surgical interventions which many may not like to opt. The good news is non surgical facelifts are also possible and the effects are no less good than surgical facelifts!

What is a facelift?

A facelift is done to restructure the sagging facial skin and tissues which actually make the face look older. Traditionally facelifts are synonymous with cosmetic surgery and are thought to be affordable by the rich and famous. But if we understand what actually is done while doing a facelift then we can also understand the techniques by which the same process can be done effectively through non surgical processes.

As we grow older our skin grows older as well. Therefore the skin starts to lose its tone and elasticity, its tautness giving way to wrinkles and the fine shape is lost due to skin sagging. Facelift surgery reshapes the skin and the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened and the excess fat is removed. It requires making incisions on the skin and only cosmetic surgeons are licensed to operate.

It should be mentioned here that surgical facelifts involve a process of healing and the surgery can be quite costly as the lower part of the face and neck are treated separately while the eye area and forehead are done separately through eyelid surgery and brow lift processes. Thus many non surgical facelift options have become very popular which are affordable and doesn’t require a long healing process as there are no surgeries involved.

Non surgical facelifts do almost the same thing that is done through surgical process. Thermage like ultherapy and titan, herbal therapy, acupressure process, micro-current therapy, thread lifting and microdermabrasion are among some of the non surgical facelift methods. Non surgical facelifts also require after care, lifestyle and dietary modifications to maintain the facelift changes.

Facts about non surgical facelifts

While non surgical facelifts may be less expensive than surgical ones and there isn’t much healing on the other hand there is more need to maintain the facelift effects with proper lifestyle patterns and right skin care.  Non surgical facelifts may not immediately look as good as a surgical facelift; non surgical facelifts require repeated sessions before the effects get surfaced and noticed.

Surgical facelifts may however make a sudden change in appearance which may become noticeable by others and the look will be immediately attributed to artificial method. But non surgical facelift allows the change to take place gradually and effectively and is off course less painful. However beauty and skin experts should be consulted to decide upon the type of non surgical facelift that can be applied on an individual. Both men and women are opting for non surgical facelifts to look younger for a longer period of time.

Types of non surgical facelifts

A lot of options are available for doing non surgical facelifts. Laser skin lift may be bit expensive but doesn’t involve surgery. The surface skin layer is cleared from wrinkles and patches to make it look clean, glowing and tightened. Micro-current treatment is a very effective non surgical facelift option that involves sending a mild electric current under the skin surface which triggers the production of collagen and the facial tissues get tightened. Effects of sun rays get controlled and the facial skin gets exfoliated, rejuvenated and well toned.

Two recent and very popular non surgical facelifts are thermage and titan. Both thermage and titan uses heat to enhance collagen production under the skin layer. Thread lifting is a procedure which uses needle but incisions are not made on the skin. It’s a delicate task of pulling the skin with fine needle and thread.

Microdermabrasion is another technique through which the facial skin is exfoliated as well as freed from the dead skin cells. Acupressure as a technique may also be used for a non surgical facelift. Acupressure applied on the various points of the face and neck can actually revitalize the skin, improve blood circulation and tone up the muscles.

There are also a number of massage creams and face masks that shouldn’t be confused with anti wrinkle creams. These massage creams containing skin tightening agents should be applied on the face and neck in appropriate movements that eventually stimulate blood circulation under the skin layer.

Importance of non surgical facelifts

Many people dread surgery and non surgical facelifts can be their answer to a younger looking skin. Non surgical facelifts may require regular treatments and maintenance but are safer and side effects are also less.

Non surgical face-lifts help us to get into a regular skin care regime which prompts us to take regular care of the skin thus making the skin healthy and younger looking most naturally without the interference of knives. Cost is always a very important factor with surgical facelift procedures whereas non surgical face-lifts may not be very cheap but much cheaper when compared to surgical face-lifts. A regular healthy lifestyle should be followed to maintain the positive effects of the non surgical face-lift. Therefore an individual gets into an overall healthy regime of lifestyle.

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