Look Scintillating In A Vintage Prom Dress

ocassiondress If there’s definitely something thrilling about vintage dresses, and that’s probably one main reason why most girls go looking for a vintage dress to deck up for their prom night.

Vintage prom dresses are indisputably a class apart, and if you willing to make efforts and pay attention to details such as fabric, cut, styling and stitching, it isn’t difficult to look stunning.

Picking up the right dress

I do agree with you, that choosing a prom dress is a cumbersome task, but then we need to begin somewhere. So, look for the nearest vintage clothing store where you can expect to find dresses within your budget range.

Thankfully, the price range for Vintage dresses is quite accommodating, and you shouldn’t face any difficulty finding something nice within your budget.

One of the most important things to be considered is the color of the dress that you opt for. As against the regular pinks and creams, that most girls love to wear, you need to go in for some bolder colors such as black, blue or maybe even metallic colors. It’s important that you stick around with the bolder shades only, since vintage dresses lose their charm in pastel colors.

The second feature that needs attention is the design, and with the extensive range of fabulous designs that are available in vintage dresses, you’re bound to get confused as to which one will look good on you. If you’re not bent on looking conservative, then you can pick up some short length dresses, or those in backless or halter neck designs.

Obviously, to carry such designs with absolute grace, your body and your skin needs to be well toned. For a somewhat conservative style, you can go in for the traditional long gowns in wide necklines. Whichever style you choose to wear, just remember that you should feel confident and comfortable in the dress, and only then will you be able to carry it with perfect aplomb.

Closing note

Apart from choosing the right prom dress, the other two aspects that you need to concentrate on are your choice of jewelry and your choice of footwear. When you’ve decided on a vintage dress, your jewelry should also be vintage style, to create the perfect harmony in your looks. As for the footwear, don’t go in for heels beyond 2 inches because high heels can be a lot of problem when you have to dance the night away.

Sidharth Thakur