Look Formal in Jeans- How to Wear Jeans to the Office

If you though that you cant wear your jeans to work then you need to do 2 things; first check the office dress code and next look at ways to incorporate your jeans in your formal attire if your office does not object to it.

If you want to wear your jeans to the office (even if it is on casual Friday) you need to get a pair of jeans that are clean and does not show signs of stains. Torn or washed out jeans are not fit to be worn to the office.

Jeans looks perfect with a white shirt; that is universally accepted. But if you want to wear your pair of jeans to the office then you need to wear it in a manner that has not yet been seen. If you want to team your white shirt with a pair of jeans then you need to take it a step further and accessorize it well.

I suggest a tube top or a halter on top of the shirt to give the shirt a dual tone look. Of course you can always wear the shirt with a jacket or a blazer. Don’t wear a boyfriend blazer with the outfit as it will not look formal and the outfit may look extremely casual. Instead wear well fitted jacket or a cropped jacket. You can also wear a vest over the white shirt if you don’t want to wear a jacket.

Tunics are a huge trend currently and you can get in on the action too. Wear a tunic with a pair of skinny jeans. Printed tunics will not fit in with your office attire so it is best to invest in a monotone tunic. Accessorize the look with chunky jewelry and a clutch and matching shoes. Wear a scarf around your neck if you are wearing a tunic with a collar.

Team your jeans with a pair of knee high boots and a matching shirt or blouse and wear a shrug with the outfit. This look is neither too formal nor too casual so pull of this look only on a Friday.

If all fails wear a plaid shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of stiletto pumps and you are set to head out to the office.