Long Tresses Need Extra Love And Care

healthy-hair-vitamins1 Long tresses look lovely and most men feel magnetically attracted to women with long hair. But maintaining those long hair isn’t easy and you need to follow a good hair care program to help your hair grow longer and stay in good shape. Here is a simple hair care program that may be of great assistance to you.

Everyday hair care

Long hair cannot be and rather should not be washed every day. Long hair doesn’t need to be washed more than twice a week, because over washing makes it difficult for your hair to retain the moisture that is much needed to keep hair healthy and shining. And each of your washing sessions should be preceded with an oil massage to nourish the hair follicles. Also after the shampoo, don’t forget to condition your hair.

After washing, and even when you get up in the morning you might find your hair tangled up, in which case you should always use a wide toothed comb to detangle the strands without breaking them.

Most of the damage to long hair occurs during combing and drying. For the drying part use a heavily absorbent towel and wrap it around your hair, so that it can absorb maximum water from your hair.

Keep the shine intact

After washing and drying your hair, feed them with some hair serum or a leave-in conditioner. Avoid over brushing your hair as it can cause damage to the hair structure. Also, to prevent sun damage, cover your hair with a sun umbrella or a scarf, when you step out in the sun.

Once in a way, you can always pamper your hair with some homemade treatments such as applying yogurt, egg or henna for your hair.

Split ends

Split tends is one of the prominent problems that retards hair growth and which makes your hair look ugly. And the only way to deal with this problem is to get your hair ends trimmed every two or three months.

Sidharth Thakur