Long Hairstyles For Men

Getting the right long hairstyle is a tricky business. Unlike short ones, long hair only suits for certain people unless you work out the right length for hair depending on the shape of your face and your built.

But there are some hot hairstyle for long haired men that might interest you.

Hair pulled back into ponytail – This looks very chic and stylish if you know the right way around it. This hairstyle is best for informal parties and even for work if your work place doesn’t demand a formal and sophisticated demeanor.  A long ponytail suits men with long face and preferably tall men. But you can pull it up into a short high pony tail too, if your hair is not too long.

Shoulder length hair – This kind of hairstyle usually looks great for men with broad face. But the trick is to give your hair that streak of manliness. You can part your hair from the midway and make is slightly messy to give that boyish look. You can also try brushing the hair back or gel it to give that slick look which is perfect for parties and other ceremonies.

Curls – This is quite suited for men with small face. Now don’t underestimate the power of tight curls. It may have that retro look to it but if it’s handled the right way, it can make you look unbelievably stylish.

Of course, this look also depends on how you dress so that you don’t end up making it look too geeky. Long faced men can also go for curly hair with shoulder length hair. Curls come in many variations. No matter how strong or loose the curls are, they’ll never let you down.

Shoulder length crop with side bangs – This look is perfect for men with square face. The side bangs never fail to give you that stylish urban look but if you find the bangs hard to handle, you can grow them till your ear length so you can push them behind your ears if you feel they interfere too much.

Braids – Braids are again perfect for those with square face. If you sport a really long hair, you can divide them into several portions and braid them together. They are easy to handle and also give you that much wanted carefree look.