Long Distance Relationships do not Work; Can this Myth be Broken?

Love happens; you cannot choose to be with someone who stays near just for the sake of convenience. But a long distance relationship is not a cakewalk, and many of us cringe even at the possibility of one.

The first reaction is almost never happy. But it is no way an impossible feat. It of course requires more dedication and commitment, and also to know how to hold on strong when your partner is not physically present to offer support and company. The most vital ingredients stay faith and will.

It will be a rough ride and there is no escaping that fact, but these two elements are rock solid. Both of you will need to know that you truly love each other and want to stay together; there is nothing stronger than this one conviction. Once you achieve this state of mind, the rest is relatively easy.

So, how to come to that? Firstly, keep things simple. Distance is a menace and will take its toll intermittently no matter how composed you are. Avoid getting into petty fights or unnecessary confrontations which can be overlooked.

Tolerance will go a long way in maintaining stability and both of you will want to seek solace in each other. Secondly, keep things honest. Do not indulge in ambiguity or vagueness as these necessarily give rise to insecurity and insecurity needs to be kept at bay at all cost.

Insecurity is usually the element that plants the very first seeds of doubt and results in the consequential crumbling of the pillar of trust. Thirdly, make a conscious effort to add the spark of warmth in everything that you do. Send a handwritten letter instead of an email.

The former will carry more of you and make your partner feel that you genuinely care. These small little actions go a long way in helping to nurture a difficult relationship. Fourthly, always talk it out. Do not keep it bottled if something is really raising havoc inside you.

But be gentle. Gently vent your troubles, share it with your partner and unburden. And lastly, never forget to keep the fire of love burning bright.

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