Locate your G-spot

The G spot is a favorite topic for argument amongst sex therapists, there are some that believe it exists and others say there is nothing such as a G-spot. Various researches have been conducted but most have gone inconclusive on whether it’s in trying to locate the exact place of the G-spot and in figuring out whether it can really make a difference to female orgasms.

Those who support the concept of G-spot believe that it’s simply magical and it can multiply the sexual pleasure for a woman and take her orgasm to a whole new level where she may end up ejaculating with the orgasm. Some couples, who have tried to stimulate G-spot during intercourse, do vouch that the female has experienced pleasure which is beyond words. So, if you too wish to use the G-spot for added pleasure, we’re going to help you out in locating your G-spot.

What is G-spot?

G-spot is made of spongy tissues, quite like the tissues that are found in the male penis, and it covers the urethra. Well, for those who do not know what is urethra, it is the tube that helps you to pass urine. Anyways, coming back to the main point, the spongy tissues that we are talking about are erectile in nature, which means that they swell out as blood fills them up. These spongy tissues are located on the top wall of the vagina.

How to locate your G-spot?

It isn’t really difficult to locate, but to locate it you will have to slide your finger into the vagina and try to feel the top wall of the vagina, as if trying to reach your naval spot. When the finger is fully stretched, just hook it a little and you’ll feel a ridge kind of a structure which will feel very soft and tender. Press it a little hard and if you’ve got it right, you’ll know that you have hit the magical cord. The more you touch it the more it will swell out, and the more aroused you will be.