Live In – Is The Western Trend Gaining Popularity?

dating The very concept of live-in relationship has become popular in the metros nowadays. Let us explore if the western trend is gaining importance.

Live-In Vs Marriage: A number of young unmarried couples are living together in India. A few generations ago what was called a taboo is now a fashion statement. This is because; youngsters think that the level of commitment in a live-in relationship is less than that of marriage. It’s like a trial and error situation.

You can choose to move out of it, if you aren’t satisfied. But, does that mean these relationships are very fragile and alternative. They probably have the same amount of expectations, pleasures and arguments as that of a married one. Thus, one should weigh the options carefully. At the end of the day, if you’re heartbroken, it’s you who is at loss.

Youngsters jump into live-in relationships for companionship, sharing of cost of living and to test your partner. After it, if you think are not happy with your partner, you can easily walk out of the relationship. It’s a fashion to break the norms, to be different and to have fun.

Live-in relationships definitely have a thrill attached to them, but the lack of responsibility and commitment comes back with dangers. One should be committed to the relationship rather being just a “different” being. Be matured enough to deal with opposition from families and to handle a relationship which is often proved to be fragile.

Respect your partner’s feelings and decisions. Don’t always impose your own demands on your better half. This amounts for most of the tiffs in this kind of a relationship.

Share your finances properly. You shouldn’t make your partner feel insecure about anything. Live-in relationships need a high level of understanding.  Hence, nurturing this understanding attitude is very important in such relationships.

So, even though live-in relationship is gaining popularity, one should always take into account these aspects before jumping into this pool!

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