Live Happy to Live Longer

Who doesn at want to live a long healthy life? Everyone does. Longevity is all about being positive. It is having that verve in you that help you to cope with life better. Optimists have lesser problem with their life or work than with people who are dejected and have few moments of joy in their lives. People with a forlorn attitude towards life may develop health problem.

There is lower risk of death in case of people who have optimism in them even if we consider the factors like hypertension, diabetes and smoking. The Pittsburgh University had done a research on the women over the age of fifty. He found that the women who were optimistic would be less prone to the heart disease by thirty per cent and fourteen per cent less prone to die than women who had an outlook that was pessimistic.

Optimism is something that would not create a job but it would help to get a job. So if you are not born with the pessimistic bent of mind, often the genetics play a role being optimistic. How much of the pessimism or optimism is inherited is unclear, but the events during the childhood could influence the state of being pessimistic or optimistic throughout your life. You cannot improve your attitude easily but surely you can take chances to change it.

You can start hanging out with people who are more optimistic. We cannot choose our own family but surely we can choose our friends. Optimism in the truest sense is contagious. When things go well with you in life, feel happy about it and congratulate yourself about that. You can change your thinking. You can always redirect to something positive.

People can become more positive in life and in the events of life through experience. There are some traits that you can change and people improve their lives by learning to cope the best way.

You should make the best of what you get in life. There runs this famous adage which says when you feel low about life and living, find out ten good things that have happened to you. As you recapitulate in your mind, by the time you reach the fifth good point, you have started feeling happy about life and living. Cheer up and live life happier and longer. Happiness is the elixir of life.