Lipsticks and How you need to Wear Them in Style

Lipsticks have always intrigued us, women, from times immemorial. Cleopatra had wonderful ways of staining her rosy lips with juices of flowers and so on.

That was very natural and with the coming on of the nature craze in foods and well as cosmetics we might be wearing juices of lotus, or the watermelon or orange on our lips.

Whatever it is we are always enticed with the brands that sell at the stores. We have to understand what suits us and what doesn’t, at the very onset. We can soon learn about what suits us the most if we follow the steps mentioned here.

We should be choosing lipsticks according to our complexion and depending on what suits us the most. With a great shape of the lips, your job is half done and with a beautiful set of shining pearly teeth to go with that you can choose a color straight off the shelves.

A Lipstick color should look better on the lips of the wearer than it does on the shelves. So, you have to try the color out before you decide to wear that if it is for the first time you are doing it.

You can choose the simplest of colors first if you are quite flummoxed about the whole affair. It need not be too jazzy or attractive. It should look natural and good on the lips and you should feel comfortable wearing the color too.

During the fall or the winter season when the skin perhaps loses the tan, the pinks would not look good on your skin. It makes your skin look paler and gives a sick look. You can then have the warm color ranges that match your skin well.

You could also wear a color on the lips that match your clothes. With black you always look good in red and in maroon red lipstick.

If you want nude lips you have to ensure your face has a healthy color and your eyes are brighter and younger and livelier. So if you have to attend some events you can go out with nude lips and smoky eyes and actually have heads turn your way.

If the shape of the lips is not very distinct, we can use lip liners to make the lips prominent. However, we need to be very conscious of the shades we use. We do not look all right when the lipstick is eaten up and goes off. You can wipe it off with a tissue and apply some fresh lipstick to that.

Color-last lipsticks are in demand. You can neutralize the lip color with a base applied to the lipstick. A natural look is what you get. We often get bored with the lip colors and it is then that we go for a change in the colors. We can look out for the new colors that come up every season and wear them for bringing a novelty in our looks.

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