Lipstick Secrets

Lipstick is not meant to smudge color on to your lips; instead it is destined to highlight your lips and make them look more beautiful. But for lipstick to do its magical job there are two prerequisites, one choosing the right color and two using the right technique to apply it onto your lips.

It’s quite understandable that you end up confused when you go looking for the right lipstick shade because of the never-ending range of colors available at the cosmetic stores. Your love for a particular shade is one thing and what color will actually suit you is another thing. So don’t go by what you like rather stick to what goes best on you, based on your skin tone.

For fair skin undertones of reds, pinks, mocha, beige and honey are quite pleasing, whereas brownish shades of red, glossed beige and almost all variants of brown blend well with darker skin tones. And for the remaining who would fall in the medium skin tone category, rich shades of red, brown, pink and caramel will make for a perfect choice. Before buying any shade just test it on your fingertips to find out the exact shade and to see how well it blends with your skin tone.

Now the more important aspect of beautifying your lips with lipstick is the art of applying lipstick. If you have well proportioned and shapely lips, it’s no big deal, first make the outlines with a lip liner and how to apply lipstick. But when you have thick or thin lips then you need to do some extra effort.

If your lips are a bit on the thicker side then it’s important to play them down to give your face a balanced look. Begin by defining your lips with a lip liner or a lip pencil and do the lining only on the inside of the natural lip line. Next apply the lipstick preferably with a lip brush. Apply a little bit of powder on to your finished lips just to beat down the natural fullness of your lips.

Now for those with thin lips, you need to use your lip liner a little outside your natural lip line so as to incorporate more area under the lipstick. But you must avoid drawing too thick a lip line or one that is way outside your actual lip line. Once the lining work is over you can apply the lipstick, but try to use a shade which is one shade lighter than the lip liner as this creates an impression of depth thus making your lips look fuller.

And one last tip, matte finishes are good when you want your thin lips to look slimmer and gloss finishes help in giving your lips a fuller look.

Sidharth Thakur