Lips That Scream Come And Kiss Me

red-lips Eyes and lips are the most prominent features on the face, with the lips rating a little higher on the sensuousness scale. It’s nearly impossible that a guy wouldn’t notice a girl who has sensual and voluptuous lips.

Rather when guys see soft and sensual lips they just cant hold themselves from envisioning kissing those supple lips. Luscious lips are a sure shot way to make a man want to kiss you.

The secret to ‘kiss me’ lips lies in choosing the right lipstick shade. If you know what lipstick shade to use and how to enhance your lips with lip makeup, most women would envy you while the guys would feel tempted to kiss you, looking at your perfectly shaded lips.

Find the right shade

The best way to find the most suitable lip shade is to go the trial and error way. But at the same time do keep in mind the general rules like what shades complement your skin tone, and the colors that will help in hiding or highlighting the specific features of your lips.

In general muted shades sit well on thick lips, while brighter and deeper shades help in adding volume to thin lips. Also you will need a lip liner for perfectly defined lips and the right shade of the lip liner would depend on the thickness of your lips.

Get some free expert advice

If that seems like too much of work, there is a smarter way out. Just walk into one of the departmental stores with elaborate cosmetics counter. They usually have free makeover services, where the experts can guide you on what lipstick shades would look best on your lips.

They may even let you try those shades. But before you finally decide on the lipstick shades just look at them once more to be sure that you are perfectly comfortable wearing those colors.

So, go ahead dazzle the world with your sparkling lips!

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Sidharth Thakur