Lips by Season

Trendy make up can make any women look gorgeous but what can really add to her sex appeal is lusty lips. For lip make up, the colors must be chooses wisely and intelligently.

Besides the right tool, one must know the technique to apply lip make up as well as it is not a child’s play. The normal colors according to changing seasons could be browns, bronze, bleed reds, etc in the autumn season, reds, pinks, oranges and peach in the winters.

Neutral colors work best in the summers. Spring welcomes mor of pastels and pale pinks with translucent glosses.

Normally it is seen that the lipsticks get rubbed off easily in the matter of one or two hours no matter how neatly and nicely you apply it. But it is possible to keep some prevention through water proof and smudge proof makeup.

There are hundreds of shades in such type of make up that can enhance the beauty of women. The presence of herbal extracts and less of chemicals make them eco friendly which is why most of the women prefer applying smudge-proof makeup these days.

When it comes to deciding which lip color to apply, you should see the color of outfit. While buying lipsticks, keep the color of skin tone in mind. What does not make sense is that you contrast it with the purse color or hair color! Choose the colors that suit you and your personality.

Just because the color that you wish to apply looks good on some other women does not justify you applying it. if you wish, seek help of professional to choose your lip colors. Also, while applying lipstick, the rest of the makeup should be kept in mind.

It must keep match with the rest of facial makeup or else, it would ruin your whole look. For example, if you wear pink makeup then red and pink lipsticks do, but do not go for browns, purples or oranges.

So this is why, basic sense of matching must be there in every women. So this is how one can choose the lip colors for herself and glamorize her looks.