Lips and Lipstick

Your lips speak a thousand words. No, not verbally, lips have their own language which the express without uttering a single word. They speak a lot, by speaking naught. Our lips express our feelings through silent expressions. May be they are the most expressive part of our face, right after the eyes.

And if you take the right way to care for and beautify your lips, they will convey the right message to your loved one.

Here are a few simple and quick tips about how to make your lips their most expressive:

1 – First of all, remember to apply foundation over the lips. This will effectively stop the lipstick from so called ‘bleeding’, or you can use a thin lip liner.

2 – If your lips are on the fuller side, use soft colors such as brown, purple and bronze.

3 – It is better to avoid dark colors, if you are having small lips.

4 – Make up Professionals generally prefer to use a soft brush for the application of lipstick. These Brushes usually allow you to use up much lesser lipstick than usual.

Remember, hair and skin color play a crucial role while choosing the color of your lipstick.

Here, our experts prescribe the color of your lipstick according to your hair color:

1 – If your hair is of Light blonde tone, you should go for wine, mauve or berry’s shades. Light blondes are also suitable for cappuccino colors.

2 – Golden blondes can use apricots, corals or peachy brown tones.

3 – Blonde girls with olive or darker skin should opt for warm peach color, brownish or terracotta shades.

4 – Brunettes are best suited to terracotta, cinnamon or brown tinged reds.

5 – Red heads can go for warm terracotta hues, cinnamon shades and peachy browns.

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