Liposuction: an Introduction

Ask anyone and they have their own theory on how to loose weight, the quick and easy way. And all of them swear by their weight loss method as being magical. However, try whatsoever, it really isn’t possible to lose a few pounds overnight, except with liposuction. Oh yes, we are talking about the same liposuction which has a bad press image ever since this technique was developed. However, still you might want to consider this option when all your other efforts of losing weight have failed and when that chunk of fat doesn’t seem to melt at all.

When you have a tendency to be obese, you really can never understand that despite all your efforts why your weight just keeps increasing, instead of decreasing. The fat just seems to cling to its favorite areas, the abdomen, the neck, the chin and the thighs. And the only promising and probably the most effective way to beat such fat is liposuction. The older versions of this technique were a bit crude and that’s the reason it had a bad reputation, but the newer versions are definitely worth knowing and considering. We’ll give you a little glimpse into what are these new versions, Rest we will leave it up to you to decide which method is good and whether or not you should go in for liposuction.

Liposuction with laser

This technique involves melting the accumulated fat, using laser beams before it is sucked out from under the skin. This makes the suction a bit easier and smoother. There are further two variants of this, in the first one the fat is melt before making the incision and in the second one the laser cannula is attached to the suction tube and the fat is melt and sucked out at the same time. Bleeding and bruising is a bit less in this technique.
Liposuction with ultrasonic rays
Evidently, ultrasonic sound ways are used in this method to melt the fat. The best part of this method is that these rays do not damage the adjoining tissues, which keeps the recovery time short.
Vaser liposuction
This is the latest technique, done after administering local anesthetics, and it uses ultrasonic technology to melt the fat. The procedure is less time consuming and has a short recovery period. It works equally well in removing small as well as big fat deposits.

Sidharth Thakur