Lipgloss: gloss it up

If you are a lip gloss addict, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips as to which lip gloss is best for your lips and what makes you glow.

* I always go for the plain petroleum jelly when my lips are dry. They aren’t glamorous but they do the trick for chapped or dry lips. Just apply some colored gloss over it. It acts as a great hydrating agent for my skin.

* L’Oreal Glam Shine is a great inexpensive lip product. Prima Dona is a great color for all sorts of outings. You should definitely try it.

* For typical lipstick wearers, Philosophy’s Supernatural Lip Gloss is a great product. It has more color and coverage than most other glosses and it does not sacrifice shine and moisture.

* You could also check out the new pots of Dior Gloss Show. Use it on top of your lipstick or without. You could also try the lipstick/gloss combination, Dior Addict Ultra Shine.

* For night outs or an evening party, a litter shimmer does the trick. Laura Mercier’s Star Struck Glace is a great way to sparkle. It is also perfect for layering over lipsticks.

* Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss Kit is great if you want to gift a friend or just need a fine lip gloss.

Lots of lip products act as a double agent;

* Laura Mercier’s Lip Kisses act as a suncreen

* Freeze 24/7’s Plump Lips as as lip plumpers

* like Joey New York LipFIT Lip Gloss act as appetite inhibitors

* like iQ Chroma LipTensity Extreme Volume Lip Gloss or BORBA Cashmere Fiber Lip Kix act as anti ageing products.

All of these lip gloss products are really effective. Try them and know for yourself.

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