Lip Stain – For Long Lasting Lip Color

A gel or water based cosmetic product, a lip stain is an ingenious product which has been designed to give long lasting color. The lip stain is created in such a way, that it can resist wear of all kind.

Lip stains are wax free products which may contain alcohol. Available in different colors, application types and formulas, the lip stain is the current rage among the fashion conscious crowd.

Lip stain is a cosmetic product which can be applied easily and which will complement the wearer. The basic plan behind lip stains are that you can retain the lip color for longer periods of time without the hassle off having to  go in for constant touch ups. Lip stains basically soak the lips with color which is  made from dye and not wax. Lip stains will help you to retain your perfect little pout for hours on end and look your charming best without any color distortion.

Today lip stains are available in a variety of formulas including marker tips, gel pumps, cream or pot based and brush on colors. The waterproof lip stain ensures that the color does not smudge, stain or come onto the teeth. The lip stain color also gives an even color distribution to the lips.

Available in a kaleidoscopic range of colors, the popular lip stain colors are available in variations of brown and red colors. Even extraordinary shades like green, blue and black are also available in the lip stain color range. Lip stain gives a rich color to the lips but without any shine. Lip stains can be combined with lip plumper for a poutier look. For a glossy look, combine lip stains with lip gloss and other high shine lipsticks.

If you are looking for a low maintenance lip coloring product, the lip stains are the answers to your prayers. Lip stains can be applied for any occasion from a night out at the club to a wedding. Lip stains help you to get a more natural look in a jiffy.

To get the best out of lip stains, you need to first exfoliate your lips and follow it up with an even application of a hydrating lip moisturizer. Then shake the lip stain tube or jar well and apply quickly and evenly on the lips for a beautiful long lasting color.