Lip Care – How To Lighten Dark Lips

Attractive lips contribute a great deal to your look. Many people tend to give a lot of care to their skin, but tend to avoid paying attention to their lips.

As a result, lips often dry up and get dark.If you follow some simple steps on a regular  basis, you can improve the way your lips look.

Moisturise regularly:

Lips which are not moisturized tend to turn dry and dark . Always use a good quality lip balm and apply it many times in a day. One natural way to moisturise your lips is to apply milk cream or honey to it. This will also help lighten the colour of the lips.

Drink lots of water:

Dry, dull lips are often the result of dehydration and therefore drinking plenty of water is an essential part of your lip care regime.

Use quality lip make-up:

Always make sure that you use good quality lip stick, lip liner, lip balm etc. Some brands may be very cheap, but look out for its effects on your lips. Also, make sure that you don’t use old make-up items.

Cleanse every night:

Do not go to sleep with your lip make-up on. Cleanse it properly with wet cotton wool. Cotton wool dipped in milk is also a good cleanser. After cleaning, apply a lip balm.Your skin needs to breathe at night.

Natural ways to lighten dark lips:

Apply equal measures of glycerine, honey and lime juice and leave it on till dry. Wash properly. Do this for atleast one month to lighten your lip color. You may also apply a mixture of honey and lime juice also.

Apply a mixture of fresh milk cream and lime juice. Wash it after 10 minutes.

The juice of coriander leaves also helps lighten lips. Apply for 10 minutes or till dry and wash.

Take  a little time to try out the various shades of lipsticks that will suit your complexion and looks. The right lipstick can make a lot of difference.

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