Lifestyle Changes to Boost Sperm Count

If your husbands low sperm count is the prime reason why you are facing problems in conception, then you are on the right page. Medication should never be the first thing to resort to, to treat low sperm count, since in most cases some minor lifestyle changes have been noted to significantly increase a man’s sperm count. Here we will advise you on some lifestyle changes that can boost your husband’s sperm count, and up your chances of starting a family.

Cut down the sex frequency

If you’ve been having sex every night to up your chances of getting pregnant, then you need to slow down.  When your man ejaculates more often his sperm count falls, and the simplest way to combating this is to make sure that you have sex only on alternate days. This one trick alone can increase your husband’s sperm count by more than 50%.

Give up the addictions

Being consistent with smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, takes a serious toll on a man’s sperm count. Help your husband to quit smoking, go mild on alcohol and avoid drugs altogether and within a few weeks his sperm count will begin to show a significant rise.

Lose weight

If your man is carrying too many extra pounds around his waist, shedding a few will help a great deal in overcoming his low sperm count problem. When a man is fat, his body begins producing the female hormone called estrogen and the rise of this hormone has a negative effect on the working of a man’s testes. Losing weight will help in restoring the estrogen and testosterone balance to normal, which in turn will propel the testes to produce more sperms.

Avoid heating the testicles

Most men love their denims so much that they never get out of them until they are heading for the bed. This isn’t healthy, as keeping the testicles in layers of clothing, causes them to heat up and thus causes them to produce less sperms. As soon as your husband gets home ask him to shift into a pair of boxers, so that his testes don’t remain overheated.

Also a man shouldn’t spend too much of time in hot water tubs and should avoid placing the laptop on his laps, as both these things result in heating up the testes and lowering his sperm count. The more the testes stay cooler, the more active will a man’s testes remain.