Let’s go holiday shopping

With the financial slowdown gripping the entire world and the holiday season approaching, there’s no way out but to go a little controlled with your holiday shopping. But certainly that doesn’t mean you have to stick to buying things at dollar store. Here are some pointers on how to go shopping without setting your foot into deep debts.

Be realistic and set down a budget for your holiday expenses, and we are not just talking about purchasing gifts so including everything. That means taking into account traveling expenses, dining out, clothing, purchases for home decor and all the expenses for hosting parties. Yes you’ve got it right; it has to be an all inclusive budget with details about how much to spend and on what.

Make your gift list segregating your friends into two different groups, one with whom you have greater intimacy and you need to give them bigger gifts and put into the other group those with whom your intimacy levels are just about average. Any simple acquaintances can be put into a third group, for whom you will buy gifts only if you have funds remaining after having dealt with your first two groups.

Plastic money is easy and lets you spend more than what you can afford, but you better lock up your credit cards in a safe vault. Make purchases only with cash, because cards come with heavy interest rates, also you end up splurging more than you can afford.

Don’t wait for the final countdown; go to the market somewhat early to enjoy better discounts and more choice. If you go last minute shopping, chances are you will not find those particular things that you’re looking for, because the best pieces get sold out faster.

When you go shopping be emotionally strong to resist all temptations and urges or you will severely damage your budget. If you do come across something irresistible, put it down in your wish list so you can think of buying it later if you’re left with any money after all your holiday shopping has been taken care of.

And lastly stop searching for that high priced perfect gift, since the best of gifts may not always cost you a lot of money. There are lots of things which have high utility value and a very low price, and these can be used as worthy gifts.

Sidharth Thakur