Let Some Daylight In

To me, dingy rooms in houses are almost like dungeons, and if you haven’t sinned you don’t deserve to stay in that room. A room that does not have any natural light coming in, it is definitely not a healthy place to stay in. We know how problematic the real estate scenario is today, and not all of us can afford a house where every room overlooks a garden. Anyways, in rooms where you have at least one small window there are several ways in which you can brighten up the room, making some minor changes so as to make the best use of natural light.

When you know the window of your room is a bit on the smaller side or when there isn’t much light flowing in through the windows (due to other buildings close by), then why use heavy drapes and curtains. Go in for a thin gauze fabric in a bright shade to allow maximum light to enter your room.

The other most important tool to brighten up your home with natural light is to use the right kind of wall finish. Wall paint is a definitely a better option as against wood or wallpaper, as wall paint helps in making the wall surface smooth and thus helps in reflecting light.

Use some pastel or bright shades and whatever little natural light enters the room will reflect even better, making everything seem brighter. Wall colors with undertones of blue, gray and red tend to give a gloomier look to small rooms with inadequate natural light. And the same color theory goes true for the remaining furniture and the furnishings in the room.

When you don’t have enough natural light coming into your room, your emphasis has to be on reflecting and spreading whatever little light is coming in from all the sources, so as to create a brighter interior. And we all know the best way to reflect light is by using mirrors. So infuse some mirrored wall decorations instead of the usual paintings, especially so on the wall directly opposite the window or the door from where the natural light is coming in.

Sidharth Thakur