Lessen the Impact of Crow’s Feet on your Face

Crow’s Feet are the wrinkles at the outer corner of the eye. These wrinkles may appear when an individual is in mid twenties or later.

Age is not the factor in taking into account the crow’s Feet occurrence. There are several factors that can be pointed out as the reasons for crow’s Feet.

Sun exposure has been given considerable weight age as a reason that causes Crow’s Feet. Squinting frequently adds on to it. The other factors are smoking and unhealthy diet and even sleeping on your face.

Hence the initial preventive measures will require you to wear sun screen and shades when you are out in the sun. Have a healthy diet and plenty of water to help skin be softer and hence it will be able to bear any stretching easily, there by not allowing crow’s feet to develop.

Smoking induces toxicity in the skin and makes it less responsive to facial movements due to excessive dryness. Smoking promotes aging and hence the wrinkles appear sooner. Avoid pulling, tugging the skin close to the eyes. Also, facial muscle toning exercises help in the prevention as well as reduction of crow’s Feet.

For those who already have it, there are several remedies. Use a moisturizer based eye cream. This will help the skin at the corner of the eye retain moisture and also make it supple and elastic and it will be able to bear more strain than normal.

Eating berries is said to help remove crow lines. Cranberries, straw berries, blue berries and rasp berries are all effective nutrient laden fruits and an effective diet as well.

If you apply egg white or odor less castor oil on the crow’s Feet regularly, it will soften and wane.

Take 3 Vitamin E capsules and put them is a bowl. Add 2 tea spoon of honey, 2 tea spoons of plain yogurt and half tea spoon of lemon juice and mix thoroughly to make a uniform paste. Apply this mixture on the crow’s Feet and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it. Applying this paste regularly will make the skin supple in the area.

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